Hi, I’m Nick.

And I am a maker.

I make a lot of things from short stories to novellas to miniature things to video games to comics and even films. I have this newsletter to make sure that I am holding myself accountable to, well, myself. I make a lot of stuff and I often forget to share it or in the great rush that is freelancing I forget to write something.

And that’s what this newsletter is all about: Storytelling.

Each issue will have a short story, a blog, and a ‘What the hell is that?” section. The short stories in this newsletter will vary, but will be in the vein of science fiction, mystery, comedy, and horror. I’ll also write about creative work and how you can make sure you don’t starve to death as well as upcoming projects.

Maybe they’ll be comics? Perhaps, this thing is a living thing so it may shift and sway overtime. At least we’ll be in this odd pod together, eh?

If that appeals to you, jump onboard, I promise it won’t suck.


Nick Mazmanian
I punch words out and make stories.